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Eric Mounts

Eric Mounts

Eric Mounts has spent the last 30 years investing in people through pastoral ministry in Ohio, Michigan, and West Virginia. He loves the law and appreciates the influence of attorneys. Entering their lives in ministry has been a joyful, intriguing, and meaningful pursuit.

He earned his BA from Cedarville University, his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and his DMin from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He and his wife Andi have been married for 34 years and are parents of three grown children, with one granddaughter.

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If you are wondering about the value of a father, this biography is the definitive answer. If you are convinced that adversity ruins lives and inhibits character development, you need this story. This life of integrity was forged in the struggle of our broken world. Jack was an ordinary man who lived a modest life of faithfulness that had an immodest effect upon those around him. Jack’s lineage is from a storied family in Appalachia. His childhood included his father’s absence during World War II-that was only a preamble to struggles that would follow. It took the grace of God entering the family to shape a foundation to weather the adversities that inevitably came. Jack’s outstanding achievement in life was his family. His faith, work ethic, resolve, courage, and his conviction would come together to shape a life that mattered. Jack’s was not a perfect life, but one given to simple discipline and old-school values. His impact will reverberate for generations in his family. This father’s mark challenges fathers to invest in family and leave the sweet savor of a life well-lived. Jack’s story is worth repeating.

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Tell Us The Big StoryTell Us the Big Story

Tell Us the Big Story is an inductive seven lesson Bible study that unpacks the big story of the Bible. This user-friendly leader’s guide presents the storyline of the Bible in seven lessons in a trip from Genesis through the book of Revelation. It is ideal for those new to the Bible who find it hard to read or understand. It puts seven pieces of the Bible’s story into a cohesive whole. All that you need to conduct a study with a small group or with an individual is right here. This volume studies seven passages with deductive questions to reflect on each passage (with the answers), and summary points to draw each lesson to a clarifying close. This book is a tool to clarify the big message of God’s great book. The foundation for God’s story is laid in the first three lessons on the first three chapters in Genesis (lessons 1, 2, and 3). Lesson 4 is a narrative lesson on the meaning of faith. Lesson 5 races to the New Testament to the dramatic introduction of Jesus. Lesson 6 eavesdrops into an important conversation Jesus had about beginning to relate to him. Lesson 7 takes us back to paradise with the story of how human history will resolve. Seven lessons put together a mosaic that clarifies the central message of the Bible—God’s reach for fallen humanity in Jesus Christ.

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