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In His Chambers

In His ChambersA Ninety-One Day Devotional Experience for Lawyers

There are ninety-one readings in this volume. That is enough to establish a new habit of reflecting upon God’s Word over a quarter-of-a-year. Each reading begins with a title designed to capture the theme of one passage of scripture and challenge for life. The body of each reading then reflects upon the text of the Bible passage. Each reading finally closes with a section entitled, “Action Plan.” This brief section prompts the reader to respond to the experience of sharing God’s company and listening to his Word by applying it to life.

The book title stems from an image of meeting with God in his “office.” We come to God on his terms, not our own. But here we find one most gracious and interested in our highest good and our flourishing. Enjoy the journey through these ninety-one readings. Read, think, talk, and share God’s company. In Christ, he reached for us all, and invited us to a life and a hope we could not share apart from him.

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Book Endorsements

“Lawyers are advocates and counselors. Their mission—and duty—is, within strict ethical boundaries, to serve the interests of their clients. In doing so, they advance the still greater cause of justice. This does not mean that justice is done in every case. Not all laws are just. And even just laws are sometimes misapplied. But it is for the sake of justice—the most basic principle of the common good of any civic order—that we have legal systems; and we know that without legal systems, imperfect as they unavoidably are, there could be no justice. Now, justice in civil society is a human virtue; but, like all moral virtues, it is divinely willed. Christian lawyers and jurists are keenly aware of this great truth. They know they cannot strictly separate their professional from their spiritual lives. And so it is good for them to take time regularly to reflect on their calling in the light of God’s holy Word. To that end, Eric Mounts has provided a superb daily devotional aid: In His Chambers. His 91 brief but penetrating reflections on scripture will deepen our understanding of the spiritual dimensions of our vocation, making us better lawyers, better Christians, and better human beings.”

Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

“We need encouragement and instruction from those outside the profession, such as Eric, who can see the excesses and blind spots we have acquired by training and practice. We should desire that someone call us on our cynicism and our materialism, our pride and our fear, our pragmatism and our skepticism. That’s what good pastors do, and that is what Eric does, very gently, in these pages.”

Michael P. Schutt Director of Attorney Ministries and the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, Christian Legal Society, and associate professor, Regent University School of Law

“Eric shows us how to apply the principles and teachings of Jesus, the greatest Advocate the world has ever known. He applies them to our personal and professional lives so we can live and work for the glory of God. This devotional uses Eric’s deep Biblical comprehension and logical application thereof to guide lawyers through the unique conflicts and struggles that may arise in our own roles as counselors and advocates.”

Sarah C. Ellis. Member, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

In His Chambers is a much needed timeout call in the midst of the frenetic practice of law. Eric invites us to find spiritual and emotional refreshment and renewed focus as practitioners before the Highest of Courts.”

Joshua Hanks. Assistant United States Attorney.

“As a former litigator in a high pressure environment, I can say with certainty that In His Chambers will be an important and useful tool for lawyers to not just survive, but to thrive in whatever area they may practice.”

Pam Campbell, Esq.

“Eric’s keen interest in the law coupled with his gift of sharing God’s Word have produced an insightful and challenging work. Every Christian lawyer and judge should read this book. I recommend using it as a daily devotional.”

Ed Hill. Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC.

“Eric has a keen understanding of the challenges and responsibilities we attorneys face. If you are serious about your legal career and your Christian faith, this devotional is a must read. Here are warnings about personal and professional traps into which attorneys often fall. Eric encourages us to realize what attorneys who are Christians hope to achieve, a balanced life providing excellent legal services, in an ethical and moral fashion consistent with our Christian walk. This book will also call us to fulfill our most important roles of spouses and parents.”

Tim DiPiero. Ditrapano, Barrett, DiPiero, McGinley & Simmons, PLLC.

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