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Winter Sessions Begin Wednesday, January 10

Winter 2024 Sessions

Wednesday Evenings beginning January 10, 7-8:30pm

Men’s Study – NEHEMIAH (led by Eric Swinford) 

Room: C11

We will take up his habit of using prayer to align our heart to God’s heart.  This study will focus on digging deep and gaining an understanding of the context of Nehemiah’s life in the history of God’s plans and dealings with Israel.  Eric will challenge the men to find one life response area that they are eager for God to work in and pray through a response as the course progresses.  Next to the text of Nehemiah we may reshape our praying and aspirations as we seek God’s will together.  Let’s learn to pray with Nehemiah’s heart.  This class will last for, at least, eight weeks


Women’s Study – PSALMS (led by Traci Krumpelman) 

Room: E15

“The LORD hears when I call!”  How our weary souls yearn to be bathed in the sweet knowledge of a God who hears our feeble, often desperate cries.  The Psalms have been a ready source of comfort, encouragement, and instruction for believers down through the ages.  The Psalms are, in short, theology put to music.   This 11-week study will help us begin 2024 with a renewed sense of an all-powerful God, who is also our loving and tender heavenly Father.   The cost of the workbook is $24.


Open to Anyone – JONATHAN EDWARDS (led by Pastor Eric Mounts) 

Room: Chapel

Jonathan Edwards and the Establishment and Growth of Gospel Christianity in Colonial America: Historians call it the Great Awakening (1735-37, 1740-1742).  God used Jonathan Edwards to host it, write about it, and promote gospel life and awakenings around the globe.  This class will trace the life and thought of colonial preacher Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) with a focus on understanding how the gospel has been proclaimed in the history of America.  We will read a short biography on Edwards and consider his life and thought together.  We’ll yearn with him for revival and awakening and trace how it has been considered in the last three hundred years in these United States.  We’ll spend time in concerted prayer for God to so move in our day.  Pastor Eric will lead this effort to understand a measure of American church history.


Thursday Mornings beginning January 11, 9-10:30am

Women’s Study – PSALMS (led by Traci Krumpelman) See description above. 

Room: E15


Thursday Evenings beginning January 11, 7-9pm 

Women’s Study – 1 CORINTHIANS (led by Karen Frans)

Room: E15

Why are there so many divisions in the church? Why does the church sometimes tolerate sin? Are you experiencing any of the same problems that the Corinthians did in your own relationships or in your church? If you have similar questions, this study is an important resource. Learn how to pray by knowing God’s mind and will on divisions. What does God say about marriage, divorce, remarriage? Tongues? Prophecy? Giving? Paul addresses these issues raised by Corinthian believers.


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