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Fall Classes Start Wednesday September 4th

Growing Strong in God’s Family

Led by Jon Dingeldine (for everybody)

This is an 11-week course in personal discipleship to help strengthen your walk with God. It is the first third of the classic Navigator’s 2:7 Series. Among other topics, the Word of God, prayer, personal discipline, obedience, evangelism, and fellowship will be discussed and worked through. Jon Dingeldine will be the host and there will be a variety of teachers through this 11-week journey. A purchase of a workbook ($11) will be required for this class.

How People Change

Led by Eric Mounts (for everybody)

This study will answer the question, “What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life?”

If you’ve ever tried to change, failed, and wondered why, you need How People Change by Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane. This book explains the biblical pattern for change in a clear, practical way you can apply to the challenges of daily life. The purchase of the book is not necessary for this class. This is an 11-week study.

2 Thessalonians

Led by Traci Krumpelman (for women)

Wednesday Nights (7-8:30 p.m.) or Thursday Mornings (9-10:30 a.m.)

Do you ever wonder what the Bible has to say about the Lord’s return? Do you find yourself needing assurance when bearing up under affliction? If so, you are in good company with the believers in Thessalonica. Paul instructed them to stand firm and hold fast to the traditions they received so they would not be shaken from their composure. This rich study will encourage your heart! Make sure you check which day you would like to take the class. This is a 7-week study (September 4-October 16).

God’s Grace Has No Limit

Led by Lynn Silvernale (for women)

4 Wednesday Nights (October 23-November 13 / 7-8:30 p.m.)

Many believers in Jesus Christ wrestle with the pain of sinful failure when they feel they should be living a life of victory over sin; yet they keep sinning. In this class we will learn that since God is sovereign over every part of our life, including our sanctification, He sometimes allows us to sin in order to move us along on the path of pursuing holiness. This teaching comes from the writings of John Newton, applied by Barbara Duguid, who has personally come to know God’s Extravagant Grace.

Revelation, Part 1

Led by Jean Plummer (for women)

Thursday Nights (7-9 p.m.)

The Book of Revelation is an unveiling of Jesus Christ, His power, and His program. Chapters 1-3 contain His messages to the seven churches of Asia. The messages recorded by John so long ago still speak to us today and they call us to listen and heed His Words. This is an 11-week study.

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