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Fall Sessions Begin Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Fall Sessions

Men’s Study – Steps to Becoming a Godly Man (led by Doug Duty) 

Men, please join us for this 8 week series, in which we will do a deep dive into God’s design for us as men. From husbands, to fathers, to friends and neighbors, we will discuss the Biblical role we have, specifically as husbands. We will share many life lessons learned from counseling over the years and have an open approach to tackling life as men in a broken world. We would love to have you be a part of our series. 


Women’s Study – John, Part 2 (led by Traci Krumpelman) 

Studying John, chapters 12-21, is a rich and intimate window into the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. In their time together in the Upper Room, as Jesus anticipates being delivered into the hands of men to be crucified, He first teaches His disciples about selfless service, about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and about the love the Father and the Son have for one another, as well as for them. As He encourages them, He also warns them about the cost of true discipleship: the world will hate them as they hated Him. These truths are some of the most precious and profound in all of Scripture. This study will last 11 weeks and the cost of the workbook is $15.75. 


Open to Anyone – Gourmet Bible (led by Pastor Eric Mounts) 

Do you need a tune up or an introduction on how to read, understand, and apply the Word of God? This class, going over inductive Bible study methods, will equip you to thoughtfully engage the treasure of God’s Word. Let’s learn and relearn some basic cues that would move us forward in Bible-centered and Christ-related living out of God’s great book. 

Thursday Mornings beginning September 7 (9-10:30am) Women’s Study – John, Part 2 (led by Traci Krumpelman) See description above. 

Thursday Evenings beginning September 7 (7-9pm) 


Women’s Study – 2 Corinthians (led by Jean Plummer) 

In 2 Corinthians we will learn more about Paul – the man, his life, and his firm conviction of the truth and the power of the gospel he preached. It is a book full of doctrine and practical Christian living. 

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