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Fall Classes Starting September 8th @ 7:00pm

RECOVERING EDEN: The Gospel According to Ecclesiastes

Pastor Eric Mounts, Chapel ($12 per book)

Come and enjoy this study of the joy of living in a broken world where God’s ways are past finding out. We long for Eden. We do have eternity in our hearts. Meanwhile we live in a fallen world where we deal with disappointment, demise and death. The road to joy and contentment is paved with the fear of God and laced with obedience…and is possible. We’ll read this book and discuss our way through the intriguing book of Ecclesiastes.

Precept Study: 1 PETER

Jean Plummer, C-11 ($18 per book)

Can Christians live with hope in this hostile world? Peter wrote to encourage Christians to rejoice and live above the changes and circumstances in life. Do you need to be encouraged? Come study 1Peter with us!

Precept Study: GENESIS

Traci Krumpelman, E-15 ($24.75 per book)

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3) Genesis Chapters 1-11 will teach us that the God of the Bible, a God of complexity, beauty, and infinite power and splendor, is also a God of order. This study is vital for the chaotic times in which we find ourselves. We are going back to the “book of beginnings” to rediscover our self-existent, Almighty God who created all that exists out of nothing. These foundations will strengthen our faith and better equip us to speak into the confusion that swirls around us.


Al Major & Tom Seitz, C-11 (Subscription $60 and up)

Is it time to get your financial life in order? Consider joining Tom Seitz and Al Major in a 9-week course on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. The course will cover how to get out of debt, budgeting, investing and much, much more.

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