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Adult Bible Fellowships


ABF’s meet each Sunday Morning at 9:15am.

Below are a list of classes to select from.

Coed Classes

Becoming One

This class is for couples, singles, or those who are single again. We invite you to join us as we study Christian-life application topics with interaction and discussion. Our monthly class activities and service projects provide opportunities for deeper relationships and Christian growth among our class members. We meet in room B-10. Our teacher is Doug Duty.


This class is open to anyone age 25-60. We systematically study Scripture using the 7-Year Through the Bible Course placing an emphasis on practical life application. We seek to become Spirit led and more aware of our opportunities to minister to those whom God brings into our lives. We meet in room B-11. Our teacher is Eric Swinford.


This class is open to all ages. We offer a friendly atmosphere of teaching, discussion, and personal application of God’s Word. We study verse by verse through the books of the Bible, as well as occasional relevant topical studies—all at our own pace. We are also challenged to dig deeper with personal independent study of the Word. We invite you to join us in the Library. Our teacher is Bob Kopich.

Growing In Christ

We’re open to all adults.  Our goal is to become more like Jesus by learning to rely upon God’s Word as the final authority for all of life’s highs and lows.  We attempt to do this together by a systematic study through each book of Scripture.  Come grow with us relationally, transparently, and spiritually.  This class meets in the chapel and is taught by Troy Scott.


This class is open to anyone. The class follows a detailed exegetical Bible study and interactive format, providing an in-depth study of various books of the Bible. This class endeavors to build a caring community, encourage accountability, and provide teaching for life application.  This class is taught by Jamie Hatfield and Mike Ackerson.  It meets in CC-104.

Kindred Hearts

This ABF is open to anyone and follows the 7-year Through the Bible Course, encouraging class discussions. They have regular class activities as well as outreach ministries and small groups.   This class is taught by Gailen Bridges and Randy Shinkle.  It meets in E-15.


This ABF is open to men and women of all ages. The class is committed to studying the 7-year Through the Bible Course. This class looks forward to growing as a family as God’s Word is applied to daily living.  This class is taught by Harold Vaughn and Tom Withorn.  It meets in CC-102.

Alpha Class

The Alpha Class meets in B-20. The Alpha Class is led by Daryl and Laura Smith. Created for the purpose of ministering to the millennial generation, the Alpha Class enjoys studying scripture for the purposes of discussion and seeking answers to life’s problems.

Women's Classes


This class is open to women of any age. We follow the 7-Year Through the Bible Course. We also share in biblical fellowship on the first Sunday of every month. We pray and care for each other through our Care Groups and have regular outings and activities throughout the year. We meet in room C-11. Our teachers are Kathy Williams and Linda Sweeney.

Growing In Grace

This ABF is open to all women. As this class studies God’s Word, they will be stopping along the way – looking at not only what the Word is saying, but what God is asking women to do in response to it. They seek to delve deep into God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit transform their lives for His glory! We meet in the Calvary Center, room CC-103. Our teachers are Marlene Kopich and Lisa Cornell.

Women of Truth

This class meets in CC 101, and is open to women of all ages. We follow the 7 year Through the Bible Course, seeking to study, understand, and apply God’s truth to our lives. We encourage one another through prayer, care groups, and planned fellowship events. The teachers are Traci Krumpelman and Patty Martin.

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