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Celebrate Recovery

Tuesday Evenings in the Calvary Center
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

It’s a 12-step program designed to help guide people towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe the only way for true healing to occur is through developing a relationship with the Savior, and CR is the curriculum we use to help people do that.

The program started about 30 years ago, out in California by Rick Warren’s church and is now operating in all 50 states and countries around the world.

Can you tell me about your Celebrate Recovery?

We have been having CR in Latonia for 8 years. It follows the traditional CR format. We have a large group time where everyone is together for a teaching lesson and then the men and women break into separate groups for small group sharing. The men go upstairs and the ladies stay downstairs.

Most people get there about 6:45 to enjoy some refreshments that we have. The meeting starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00.

It’s a good group of people from all backgrounds. Typically, between 20-30 people each week – a nice mix of both men and women.

What type of issues do you address?

While recovery is often looked at as only for those with drug and alcohol addictions, our group focuses on any type of hurt, hang-up, or habit that someone might be going through. We have helped people with depression, anxiety, broken marriages, grief over the loss of a loved one, sexual addictions, eating disorders, PTSD, and of course people struggling with both drug and alcohol abuse.

What time is the meeting?

Most people get there about 6:45 to enjoy some refreshments that we have. The meeting starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00.

Do you have child care available?

We do not have any child care available, but can always look at options if you become a regular attendee. We suggest trying to find childcare for your first couple visits and then talk with your group leaders to see what options might be available.

Can children attend?

The program is designed for adults and that is what works best. All of our folks are super welcoming and understanding, but they are there to get help and work on their personal issues. Kids can often be a distraction to the meeting environment. The ages that have worked out best have been Infants confined to some type of seat and older children (12+) have also attended successfully. Toddlers and younger children that require more attention have typically not worked very well. Also keep in mind that the topics discussed are real life issues and may be not suited for younger children or even teenagers. We would not turn someone away, but we also would not encourage someone to bring children.

Do you provide transportation?

There is no official means of transportation provided. Some participants will car pool.

Do you offer any financial assistance?

CR does not have any financial assistance available – there is no money involved with CR.

Can you offer counseling or other meetings throughout the week?

Our Church offers a counseling service (refer to Calvary’s counseling service). After you have been coming to the group for a couple weeks, it is likely you will be able to connect with different people to set-up some type of additional accountability.

I have a friend who has an addiction. I am not an addict but wanted to come with them – is that OK?

Yes. CR is open to anyone who has a willing spirit and desire to draw closer to Jesus Christ. What we have found works best is if you come with an open mind to self-examination and try to work the program alongside your friend. People will often see areas of their own life that are vulnerable to temptation or could use some work. The steps are for everyone. At all times confidentiality must apply.

What religion is CR? Can I come if I am ________ religion?

CR is not about religion. Religion is a series of rules that people follow thinking that they can somehow be good enough to earn their salvation. CR is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Based directly on the scriptures and grounded in Jesus’ teaching. We acknowledge the authority of the Bible and that our God is the God of Bible – the one true God.

How similar is CR to AA and other 12 step programs?

The format is similar. That is by design. We want a person who has experience with AA and other recovery programs to feel welcome and right at home. When you attend, you will find out right away what makes us different from those other programs. We are very intentional about our acknowledging of Jesus Christ as our Higher Power. Other programs leave more open to interpretation regarding God and who he is – we do not. We honor Him and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and we acknowledge our need to repent and believe in Christ and grow up into maturity.

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