Updated Gathering Plans - Calvary Baptist Church

Updated Gathering Plans

Here is the latest information regarding our in-person gatherings

Pastor Eric Update on November 20th

In light of the rising COVID infection rates in Northern Kentucky and Governor Beshear’s press conference announcements this week, we are facing alterations in our schedule and offerings at Calvary.  We shall not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (in person) in worship, while we fight forward with reasonable health measures.  Here is what that means over the next eight Sundays at Calvary.  From November 22nd (this coming Sunday) through January 10th, Calvary will host its worship services at 9:00 and 10:30 am (please note the 8:00 am worship service is moved up to 9:00 am).  There will be no ABFs for these eights weeks (nor CU, Life Groups, Mid-Week Youth Groups, or in person AWANA).  During the 10:30 services over these eight weeks, we will host our Nursery, Beginner Church, Disciplekidz, JUMP Jr., Connect, and Ignite ministries simultaneous with our worship service.  Our newly launched College Ministry will continue to meet after the service in the firehouse.  I am asking us to distance, be safe, wash our hands, and wear masks to get into the building and into our seats and upon departure.  These eight weeks are even outside of what the governor’s timeline has suggested.  We are doing even more.  It also allows Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s gatherings to take place, with a two week quarantine buffer as well, before we resume our life together in these other forms of ministry (ABFs, Life Groups, in person AWANA, CU, MId-Week Youth Ministries, etc.).  Thank you for your grace and understanding and for fighting forward in unity together in these odd days.  Let’s pour grace and charity on everything.  People are hurting and COVID tired.  Jesus reigns and is inviting us to trust Him.

What is taking place from November 22, 2020 - January 10, 2021

  • Chapel Service begins at 9a.m.
  • NO ABF’s or Children’s Sunday School
  • Auditorium Service 10:30a.m.
  • DiscipleKidz, JUMP Jr., Connect, and Ignite are meeting simultaneously with the 10:30 a.m. service
  • No midweek activities (no CU, Life Groups, Bible Studies, Youth Groups, etc)

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