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Last Words of First Importance

In the most intimate exchange in the gospels, Jesus takes his disciples to an Upper Room for a meal together.  It was there that he finally prepared them for what they did not see coming.  He would be arrested, go to the cross and be buried…and raise again.  We need to fold this tender exchange into our hearts and minds as we give ourselves to living for Jesus.  His last words to them are of first importance; for upon retrospect, they give His followers a lens through which to look and understand the experiences they had lived through.  Hope and peace, perspective and vitality pulsate through the verses in this section that lead up to Jesus’ prayer on our behalf in John 17.  Isn’t it amazing that Jesus prayed for us…and is praying (Hebrews 7:25)?  There is a lot of substance for us to ingest as we pull at the table in the Upper Room and get next to Jesus as he prepares us for life and what is next.  Let’s lean in to him as we eavesdrop on this most fascinating and edifying exchange.  Christ knows how to groom us for what is ahead.  Let’s get a pillow and get down and sit at this table.

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