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King David: A Heart Fit For A King

There are few personalities in scripture that rise to the iconic status of a King David. Jesus Christ comes in David’s family line and is called “the Son of David”. David lived an extraordinary life. But it was his heart that distinguished him. He was called “a man after God’s own heart.” What does that mean? We will explore that theme as David’s life probes our hearts. There is a sense in which David was a man just like us facing the very issues that we face. He was marvelously successful and yet fell on his face famously and everything in between. All of us can relate to David, but are all of us developing a heart for God? That is the question of this series where David’s life will be held up as a mirror and the series will be the equivalent of a heart catheterization. This is no Sunday school flannel graph story of David’s life as much as it is an analysis of our development of a heart for God. I want Calvary’s people to develop a heart fit for a King. Our King Jesus is worthy of an undivided heart with no rival competitors. We’ll spend the next five months on Sunday mornings working on the development of our hearts for God. The first half of 2019 is going to be a heart healthy experience at Calvary!

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