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Esau’s Fables 2021: Ten Lies in Our Day that Ruin People’s Lives

The lethal cocktail of weak flesh, strong will and an impulsive nature came together to dismantle the patriarch Isaac’s son, Esau. With disabling body blows, that concoction was co-joined with the lies that he believed about the way life works. His was a life of folly. The way of wisdom escaped him, and ruined him. As if in a petri dish in some life-lab, our age nurtures this same cocktail forward. We are seduced to embrace these lies and develop these reflexes of our flesh, our pride and the will to push the edges. All that is in the world in this moment converges into a stream of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life (1 John 2:16). We swim in that treacherous stream as we live. Esau will help us understand what to avoid. His life unfolds like a telescoping cylinder to look through. This anti-example lets us see the implications of living with Esau’s resolve. Jesus Christ has invited us to a different kind of life. In Esau, and with the identification of these ten lies, we hold up a diagnostic mirror and discern just how much of the spirit of our age we have embraced. This bitter, vengeful, impulsive rebel has much to teach us. We are living and raising children in this age. We need this series to clarify our vision of the way forward. In these messages we will hear Christ inviting us again to the life we have always wanted. We will step into the life of abundance with fresh resolve.

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